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A Little About Us —

Moonrise Tea Garden

Moonrise Tea Garden was born in 2006. Sherri,an environmental biologist, wanted to start a crop on her land for supplemental income. She saw a notice for a meeting offered by Dr. Frances Zee of the University of Hawaii, trying to convince farmers to grow Specialty Tea in Hawaii. What started as a side crop soon became an all-consuming passion. Sherri learned the techniques and intricacies of tea production, harvesting and processing from many masters worldwide.

Moonrise Tea Garden is a family owned farm using organic techniques and sustainable Cho Natural Farming methods. Beyond organic, we make our own fertilizers from local materials like eggshells, bananas and herbs, and we don’t need to use herbicides or pesticides. Ever!

When we took our hand-picked, hand-rolled tea to the world famous Hilo Farmers Market it was well received. Sherri found herself selling out early every day. We also noticed that not everyone was interested in high-end specialty tea. Some people just wanted a really good cup. Some wanted only herbal in their cup. There was a market for really good tea, but it had to be local.

We started with a couple of herbal fusions Sherri created to drink for herself, using farm fresh produce from Moonrise Tea Garden or other farmers we knew. We decided to distinguish these fusions of quality teas and herbs with hand-crafted farm fresh ingredients as…

…Cup of Aloha Brand

We use only quality tea and herbs, mostly organic as a backdrop to the wonderful tastes of Hawaii, fresh from the farm. If we don’t grow it we know the farmer who does. We now get as much of our ingredients as possible grown in Hawai`i, with our ultimate goal to have all selections we offer 100% Hawai`i Grown. Our selection changes as fruits and nuts, herbs and spices are locally and seasonally available.

We hope you enjoy Aloha in every Cup.


Our Hilo Hawaii Grown Teas are all picked by hand, leaf by leaf,and processed completely by hand in small batches.

Our Cup Of Aloha Brand Tea and Herbal Blends are handmade with farm fresh local ingredients and blended with mostly organic tea and herbs.


We have decided to move to the South Pacific, to the happiest country on Earth, Vanuatu. The soil is rich and fertile. The people are healthy and happy. The food is abundant and delicious. We feel this is the ideal place to grow tea. It will be the happiest tea on earth we think!

Keep in touch with us while we move. Check back here often or email us at moonrisetea@gmail.com

Aloha & Lukim Yu